Pendulum Monsters

As the series of Yu-Gi-Oh! progresses, we now have a fifth installment of the series, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC – V. This show introduced a new set of cards called Pendulum Monsters. These cards are in current circulation, and have caused quite a stir among Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. Some don’t like the new addition of Pendulum Monsters, and some do. Some might not like the change, because it may seem complex or just simply unnecessary.

These new monsters are a combination of spell and monster, and they come with a new zone on the playing field. The new zone, the Pendulum Zone is right in between the Field Zone/Graveyard Zone and the Extra Deck/Deck. These monsters do not classify as any other spell card except it’s own. 

While the Pendulum Monster is in the Pendulum Zone, it is considered to be a spell card, though not a continuous spell. I believe before you Pendulum Summon you have to chose whether you want to Pendulum Summon or Normal Summon and chose in accordance on how to summon it.

While the monster is in the Pendulum Zone it has its own pendulum effect that effects cards on the field. If both Pendulum Zones are occupied you can Pendulum Summon/Special Summon monsters from your deck equal to the scale difference.

Below is a Pendulum Monster.



New Rules…sigh

Ok, so lately I’ve been playing on Duel Network and I have discovered a couple new rules in the physical game which reveals that this 10 year player is 2 years out of date when it comes to the rules. This player knows all of the old rules which still weigh into today. 

One of the new rules states that you can have two field spells active simultaneously on the field. This means that if your opponent controls a field spell and you activate your field spell your opponent’s field is not bumped and sent to the graveyard. You can run with your field effects and your opponent runs with their field effects at the same time. Another rule is that the player that goes first does not draw the sixth card. This rule addresses the issue of an unfair advantage.

One last rule seems to be more of a rumor than a real rule and that is that the new hand size limit became 8. I did some research and the hand size remains at 6. 

Thanks for reading, and with this update I hope you are caught up on the rules especially if you are like me and you have been playing for a very, very long time.

Yang Zing – Wyrm Deck

I have talked about Wyrms before being the new monster type, and now a new deck has come out that centers around that new monster type, the Yang Zing. They are a group of draconic creatures that are wyrm type. Their effects help to bring one another out and they do rely on synchro summons.

Wyrms in mythology are a type of dragon that usually live in caves and sometimes can be a blind species. Some do have a tendency to live in mountains. They usually have a serpentine body much like the Asian lung, which the Yang Zing appear to be.


Qliphort “Qli”

So I play on the Dueling Network site and I have gone up against the Qliphort deck. I don’t like it on account of it being ridiculously fast, and it’s ability to OTK. Their OTK is centered around their high attacks and one turn fast summons. It is a Pendulum deck, meaning that most of the monsters are Pendulum monsters.

Saber Deck

I had enough of these cards to actually build one of these decks, and I own way to many. Aside from my personal deck I now own 81 decks. That might be a bit excessive, but I am a deck collector so…what now! Now let’s go into the Saber deck. Back when 5D’s came out a lot of Tuner/Synchro decks emerged and the Saber deck was one of them along with the Resonator and Synchron decks.

The big player for synchros is the synchro monster X-Saber Souza. Souza is a level 7 synchro that can be brought out with the tuner X-Saber Airbellum and X-Saber Uruz. Airbellum is a level 3 tuner monster and Uruz is a level 4 normal effect monster. Souza is a big player for the deck because you can choose whether to use his monster destruction effect or his effect that allows him to be unaffected by trap cards. Souza is like the Mirage Dragon of synchros. Another card for this deck came out with the Zexal series and that card was M-X-Saber Invoker. Invoker is a rank 3 Xyz monster, and it allows you to remove 1 Xyz material to special summon 1 level 4 Earth Warrior or Beast-Warrior from your main deck in face-up defense position. Since the special summoned monster would be destroyed at the end of the turn I would only assume that the summon would be for a synchro summon like for Souza.

Most of the monsters in this deck have low levels, kinda like Yusei’s deck! The monster levels range from 1-3, but their effects bring out other Saber monsters or add other Saber monsters into your hand. With that said a good card to have in this deck (which I don’t have in mine) is the continuous trap Ultimate Offering. We all know what this does because it is a really old card that has been used a lot in many decks: power decks, Xyz summoning deck decks, Gemini decks and any deck that is a fast paced deck.

Well thank you for reading and have a nice or pleasant day/night. It all depends on whether you want it to be nice or pleasant.

New Monster Type!

I am so excited! There is a new monster type and it is the Wyrm type. For a long time now I have been waiting for a new monster type to emerge and now finally we have a new type. Sadly I only see one card, but with time more cards will emerge. Below is the new card.


Neo Decks

I have seen decks get revamped, such as the Elemental Hero Deck, the Archfiend Deck and now the Gravekeeper’s Deck. I like the changes, but I would like to see more creative decks being built rather than old decks being revamped. For example I would like to see a Labyrinth based deck, a Celtic based deck, a pirate zombie based deck or a time based deck.

Card References

For a moment I would like to sit down with you guys and talk about two references to Christian mythology and literature that has been brought up in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! Let us start off with the Archfiend Deck. This deck refers to a legendary piece of Literature called Paradise Lost written by poet John Milton, in which the devil is referred to as the Archfiend. The poem was about the devil and his fall from heaven and what he went through afterwards. The poem is a work of fiction, meaning untrue.

Another reference I’d like to bring up is the card the Tower of Babel. This card has a spell counter effect in which each time a spell card is played, a spell counter is placed on the card. When the player that places the 4th spell counter on it from playing a spell card, the card is destroyed and the player takes 3000 points of damage. This card is a reference to an event in the Bible in which all men spoke one language under the unity of the tower. This had confounded the Christian god and had frustrated him to a point where he had to split up man-kind all over the world forcing a change in tongue.

It is references like these that make the game of Yu-Gi-Oh a whole lot fun, and the game includes way more than just christian references. There are cards that reference Egyptian gods, such as Anubis and Horus, even Ra. Norse and Greek mythology also play into the game. Even The Agent cards refer to mythology, Roman mythology. It is references to mythology that makes the game amazingly awesome and intriguing.


Gishki Deck

After going over the Gishki deck, I can honestly say that it is one deck that I would be interested in. There are no sub strategies, for the deck has one focus: Ritual Summoning. The entire deck is built around summoning out high-powered ritual monsters. Although if this is not what you want, there are other Water decks out there such as,  the Ice Barrier deck, the Mermail deck, the Atlantean deck, and etc.

Constellar Deck

After going over the Constellar deck, I have to say that I am a little disappointed. The deck works around fast summons in order to Xyz summon, and that is about it, nothing special. Each card plays off of each other’s summon with a summon. The Constellars are Zodiac monsters and honestly I believe that more could have been done with a Zodiac set, like for example giving the Gemini card a tails/head coin ability and giving the Scorpio card the ability to deal effect damage, and giving the Sagittarius card the ability to attack directly. It is things like that I would have wanted in a Zodiac deck instead of summoning effects.