Fantasy Card 01 – Treasure of the Dark Scorpions

~2 level 4 “Dark Scorpion” monsters~

Appearance: A jewel and diamond encrusted giant golden scorpion with ruby eyes.

Insect/Xyz, Attribute – Dark, Atk: 2400/DEF: 900, Rank 4

Effect: This card cannot be destroyed by battle. When this card inflicts battle damage, send 2 spell cards from your opponent’s deck to the graveyard.


Constellar Deck

After going over the Constellar deck, I have to say that I am a little disappointed. The deck works around fast summons in order to Xyz summon, and that is about it, nothing special. Each card plays off of each other’s summon with a summon. The Constellars are Zodiac monsters and honestly I believe that more could have been done with a Zodiac set, like for example giving the Gemini card a tails/head coin ability and giving the Scorpio card the ability to deal effect damage, and giving the Sagittarius card the ability to attack directly. It is things like that I would have wanted in a Zodiac deck instead of summoning effects.