Composition Nightmare! (lock down 02)


If you have not noticed this yet you can cripple attribute and type composite decks with two specific cards, Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match. With these two cards combined you could cripple any composite deck, just keep your deck specific to one type and attribute. With Gozen Match you and your opponent must send monsters to the graveyard if you and your opponent control(s) more than one monster attribute. Rivalry of Warlords is the same way, only though the effect deals with monster types. As well I decided to throw in Imperial Custom as a sort of life insurance for these two continuous trap cards. 

I must say that these cards can cripple archetype decks for certain. To make an example The Six Samurai decks, Neo and Classical are effected by Gozen Match simply because they are composited of all six attributes: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light and Dark. 

An example for Rivalry of Warlords is the Ice Barrier Deck. That deck is pure water, but in monster types Rivalry of Warlords hurts it. It ranges in monster types of Spellcaster, Aqua, Warrior and Dragon. 

To really put a crimp in your opponent’s plans the field spell, Array of Revealing Light helps out in the monster type region as well. When Array of Revealing light is activated declare a monster type and the monster of the declared type cannot attack in the turn it is normal, flip or special summoned. 

Lastly to use this these cards and not effect yourself, I would suggest for archetypes decks like the Blackwing deck that are composed specifically of dark attribute winged-beast type monsters. 

I hope this helps!


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Ioniter Deck

I have found two “super-types” that can run well together if it has not been done so already. How about if you were to try to combine a Union deck with a Tuner deck? 

Union monsters act as equipment cards and take on the mantle of an Equip Spell Card when they are equipped to a monster by its effect. This can be done in the same turn that a Union monster is normal or special summoned.

I would to clarify that the equipping cannot be done from the hand. Also you cannot special summon the Union monster the same turn you equipped the union monster to another monster, Union or Non-Union, like in Magic the Gathering where you would summon a monster and it cannot attack unless it has haste (summoning sickness).

These Union monsters can give great longevity to any monster on the field as it is that the Union monster is destroyed instead of the equipped monster, and keep in mind that the equipped monster can only have one Union monster attached to it at a time. 

Let us segue into the Tuner monsters. Tuner monsters as we know are used for synchro summons. Not only would a Tuner monster be given longevity from the equipment effect of any Union monster, but you have a back-up monster in your Spell/Trap Card Zone that you can special summon for a quick synchro summon. A quick way to get around the normal summons/special summoning sickness of a Union monster would be the Normal Trap Card Roll-Out where it equips a Union monster from your graveyard onto an acceptable monster on your side of the field.

If your mind has not been blown yet today/tonight, well consider it blown!

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Gemulum Deck

If this has not been done yet, I personally devised a deck that works with Pendulum monsters and Gemini monsters. So you know how a Gemini monster that is summoned to the field is like a monster in Magic the Gathering that has summoning sickness, in that it cannot use its effect(s) immediately? Well to bypass that would be to special summon it of course. Now since a pendulum summon is considerably a special summon, once you pendulum summon a Gemini monster you can normal summon the Gemini monster immediately so as it may use its effect.

If this did not blow your mind, consider it blown!

Reptile Deck

I have built my reptile deck to be based around Xyz summoning.

 Set face – down the continuous trap card Ultimate Offering. Summon out Worm Drake and from your hand special summon Kagetokage. You got 2 level 4 reptile type monsters on the field. Overlay the 2 monsters to Xyz summon King of the Feral Imps, and with his effect shed off and an xyz material to add 1 reptile  monster from your deck to your hand  (another kagetokage). On your next turn, if King of the Feral Imps is still out on the field, summon out Ancient Lizard Warrior and special summon another kagetokage. Shed off another xyz material and add to your hand from your deck The Tyrant Neptune. Flip face – up Ultimate Offering and pay 500 LP (Life Points) to sacrifice both kings to bring out The Tyrant Neptune.

Neptune’s effect gives him the combined ATK and DEF of both monsters used for the sacrifice. Both Kings had the ATK of 2300 and DEF of 2000. That Gives Neptune the ATK of 4600 and DEF of 4000.

Plant Deck

For a fast Xyz summon of Fairy King Albverdich summon out Vampire Orchis and with its effect special summon Des Dendle from your hand. Overlay those two monsters and Xyz summon Fairy King Albverdich.

If you don’t have Vampire Orchis in your hand but you have Des Dendle instead, summon out Botanical Girl in face – up defense and allow her to be destroyed. That way with Botanical Girl’s effect you can add 1 monster with 1000 DEF from your deck to your hand. 

Fairy King Albverdich is an Xyz monster with 2300 ATK and 1400 DEF. It has the ability that you can remove 1 Xyz material to downgrade every monster’s ATK your opponent controls by 500.

Thunder Deck

This deck was one of the hardest to build, but I found the right cards to build a proper deck. 

  • Strategy # 1 – Summon out The Creator Incarnate and with him tribute him to special summon The Creator from your hand. Play the normal spell card Lightning Vortex and discard with its effect Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. You have just destroyed every face – up monster your opponent controls with Lightning Vortex. Now let’s special summon Zaborg from the graveyard by discarding the monster Sishunder from The Creator’s effect. 

So run – down, we special summoned The Creator, destroyed our opponent’s face – up monsters and Specail summoned from the graveyard Zaborg the Thunder Monarch.

  • Strategy # 2 – Discard 1 Thunder Dragon from your hand to add 2 more Thunder Dragons to your hand due to its effect. Play the normal spell card Polymerization and fuse the two Thunder Dragons from your hand to fusion summon Twin – Headed Thunder Dragon.

Beast – Warrior Deck

I have found a combo that can be used in this type of deck.

  • Combo – With Manticore of Darkness play the normal spell card Wild Nature’s Release on him and boost his ATK by his defensive points, being 1000. That boosts his ATK to 3300. At the end phase due to Wild Nature’s Release he is destroyed. With Manticore’s effect during the end phase of a turn he was sent to the graveyard you can discard any type of “beast” type monster to special summon him during the end phase. 

The Psychic Wall

I found an iron clad triple combo that will work with the psychic deck. Place Krebons in face-up defense position and activate your Brain Research Lab field spell. Set face-down the trap card Barrel Behind the Door. Each time Krebons is attacked naturally you would pay 800 LP (Life Points). Instead of paying LP use Brain Research Lab to place a Brain Counter on the card with its effect. So instead of racking up in LP damage, you would be stacking up in Brain counters. If your opponent were to destroy your field spell by playing a new field spell or by the effect of a card, naturally you would take 1000 points of damage for each Brain Counter, but you have a face-down Barrel Behind the Door. Activate that card and reverse the damage you would have taken to your opponent! Voila!

Fish/Sea Serpent/Aqua Deck Tip

When running with these decks two really killer cards to use are the continuous trap cards, Forgotten Temple of the Deep and Tornado Wall. If your Sea Serpent, Aqua or Fish type monster would be destroyed, you can banish (remove from play) that monster instead until the End Phase with Forgotten Temple of the Deep. Then Tornado Wall protects you from taking any direct damage from your opponent’s monsters. These two work together because Forgotten Temple of the Deep’s name is treated as “Umi” while on the field, and Tornado Wall can only work with Umi.

Beast Deck Tip

Combine the continuous spell card Spiritual Forest with the effect monster Mine Mole. Each turn with Spiritual Forest, the first (in this case) beast monster that would be destroyed is not destroyed by a result of battle. So during your opponent’s turn, your Mine Mole is safe from being destroyed by battle thanks to Spiritual Forest. Then when your opponent attacks Mine Mole again use Mine Mole’s first effect of not being destroyed by battle once per turn.