Gemulum Deck

If this has not been done yet, I personally devised a deck that works with Pendulum monsters and Gemini monsters. So you know how a Gemini monster that is summoned to the field is like a monster in Magic the Gathering that has summoning sickness, in that it cannot use its effect(s) immediately? Well to bypass that would be to special summon it of course. Now since a pendulum summon is considerably a special summon, once you pendulum summon a Gemini monster you can normal summon the Gemini monster immediately so as it may use its effect.

If this did not blow your mind, consider it blown!


Constellar Deck

After going over the Constellar deck, I have to say that I am a little disappointed. The deck works around fast summons in order to Xyz summon, and that is about it, nothing special. Each card plays off of each other’s summon with a summon. The Constellars are Zodiac monsters and honestly I believe that more could have been done with a Zodiac set, like for example giving the Gemini card a tails/head coin ability and giving the Scorpio card the ability to deal effect damage, and giving the Sagittarius card the ability to attack directly. It is things like that I would have wanted in a Zodiac deck instead of summoning effects.