It’s the Final Countdown! (Lock Down 01)

What I have comprised below is a sure-fire (if not) way to a one-sided match where you are controlling the shots. With life absorbing machine active you gain half of the life points you paid from a previous turn. Imperial Customs protects all Continuous Trap cards excluding itself. Activate Final Countdown and don’t worry, you will regain 1000 LP in your next turn from this payment of 2000 LP. With Tour of Doom you can either prevent yourself or your opponent from flip summoning or normal summoning by the dictation of a flip of a coin. You want the ‘heads’ result, and that prevents your opponent from normal summoning and flip summoning. Second Coin Toss allows for you to re-do a coin toss, negating the prior toss. Royal Oppression disallows your opponent from special summoning at the cost of 800 LP each time they special summon. You gain 400 LP back on your next turn from Life Absorbing Machine.  Light of intervention disables their ability and yours to set monsters on the field. With tour and Intervention alone the only thing that your opponent can do is special summon, but the answer to that is Royal Oppression.

The desired combo though is: Imperial Custom, Tour of Doom, Light of Intervention, Royal Oppression and Second Coin Toss. Of course be sure though to activate Final Countdown first, and if you want to activate the Life Absorbing Machine to gain back half of the paid LP from Final Countdown you will have to get rid of it to make room for the other cards. I suggest double cyclone to get rid of it. With the normal spell card double cyclone you can destroy one spell/trap card on your side and destroy one spell/trap card on your opponent’s side.

I hope this helps!


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Ghostrick Combo (# 6)

In playing on the Dueling Network site I discovered an amazing combo done with Ghostricks that you would never even imagine, or even think of using. The combo I am going to reveal is very unique in that is unexpected. What I am talking about is Mystic Swordsman level monsters, but to be exact would be Mystic Swordsman LV4, and the continuous trap card Ghostrick-Go-Round. Now Mystic Swordsman LV4 states that he has to be set before he can attack. Ghostrick-Go-Round works around that. Since you cannot set and flip up the same monster in the same turn by itself, you can target that face-down card with an effect and flip it face-up. With Ghostrick Witch face-up on the field use her effect to change one monster your opponent controls to face-down defense position. Now you can attack with Mystic Swordsman LV4 and use his effect to immediately destroy the face-down monster it attacked during the start of the damage step, which cuts out the damage step.

I saw this being played and the results are amazing!


Trap Barrier Combo (# 5)

I discovered something a moment ago with two continuous trap cards, Astral Barrier and Spirit Barrier. Both of these cards create an awesome combo while a monster is out on the field. While a monster is out on the field (face-up or face-down) Spirit Barrier makes it so that you take no battle damage. Combined with Astral Barrier you take no damage from your opponent’s direct attack if u change the attack to your monster to yourself.

AstralBarrier-AP01-EN-C-UE   SpiritBarrier-LCJW-EN-C-1E

New Rules…sigh

Ok, so lately I’ve been playing on Duel Network and I have discovered a couple new rules in the physical game which reveals that this 10 year player is 2 years out of date when it comes to the rules. This player knows all of the old rules which still weigh into today. 

One of the new rules states that you can have two field spells active simultaneously on the field. This means that if your opponent controls a field spell and you activate your field spell your opponent’s field is not bumped and sent to the graveyard. You can run with your field effects and your opponent runs with their field effects at the same time. Another rule is that the player that goes first does not draw the sixth card. This rule addresses the issue of an unfair advantage.

One last rule seems to be more of a rumor than a real rule and that is that the new hand size limit became 8. I did some research and the hand size remains at 6. 

Thanks for reading, and with this update I hope you are caught up on the rules especially if you are like me and you have been playing for a very, very long time.

Saber Deck

I had enough of these cards to actually build one of these decks, and I own way to many. Aside from my personal deck I now own 81 decks. That might be a bit excessive, but I am a deck collector so…what now! Now let’s go into the Saber deck. Back when 5D’s came out a lot of Tuner/Synchro decks emerged and the Saber deck was one of them along with the Resonator and Synchron decks.

The big player for synchros is the synchro monster X-Saber Souza. Souza is a level 7 synchro that can be brought out with the tuner X-Saber Airbellum and X-Saber Uruz. Airbellum is a level 3 tuner monster and Uruz is a level 4 normal effect monster. Souza is a big player for the deck because you can choose whether to use his monster destruction effect or his effect that allows him to be unaffected by trap cards. Souza is like the Mirage Dragon of synchros. Another card for this deck came out with the Zexal series and that card was M-X-Saber Invoker. Invoker is a rank 3 Xyz monster, and it allows you to remove 1 Xyz material to special summon 1 level 4 Earth Warrior or Beast-Warrior from your main deck in face-up defense position. Since the special summoned monster would be destroyed at the end of the turn I would only assume that the summon would be for a synchro summon like for Souza.

Most of the monsters in this deck have low levels, kinda like Yusei’s deck! The monster levels range from 1-3, but their effects bring out other Saber monsters or add other Saber monsters into your hand. With that said a good card to have in this deck (which I don’t have in mine) is the continuous trap Ultimate Offering. We all know what this does because it is a really old card that has been used a lot in many decks: power decks, Xyz summoning deck decks, Gemini decks and any deck that is a fast paced deck.

Well thank you for reading and have a nice or pleasant day/night. It all depends on whether you want it to be nice or pleasant.

Gagaga Deck

This deck is built around Xyz summoning, in fact you could say it is its focus. 

Summon out Gagaga Magician and pick a level for him to downgrade himself or upgrade himself. You chose level 8 for Magician. Then special summon to your side of the field Gagaga Child since you have a a Gagaga monster out on your side of the field and upgrade Child’s level to 8. Activate 2 Gagaga Bolt normal spell cards and destroy 2 monsters on the field (1 each). Overlay the 2 monsters and Xyz summon Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings and play the normal spell card Xyz Burst. Since you have Number 40, a rank 8 Xyz monster Xyz Burst destroys every set card your opponent controls.

The possibilities with this deck is endless if you have a full extra deck.

Dark Scorpion Deck

Another of the old decks. This deck works off of dealing battle damage.

Strategy – When your opponent has a face-up effect monster on their side of the field, activate your face-down normal trap card Curse of Anubis and switch all face-up effect monsters to defense position and reduce their defense points to 0. Normal Summon the effect monster Don Zaloog and then activate your face-down normal trap card Meteorain giving your monsters piercing effect damage and will enable Don Zaloog’s effects. Attack with Don Zaloog and deal battle damage to your opponent. Then use his second effect to send 2 cards from the top of his deck to the graveyard.

Note – The second effect of the Dark Scorpions relies on milling the opponent’s deck.

Constellar Deck

After going over the Constellar deck, I have to say that I am a little disappointed. The deck works around fast summons in order to Xyz summon, and that is about it, nothing special. Each card plays off of each other’s summon with a summon. The Constellars are Zodiac monsters and honestly I believe that more could have been done with a Zodiac set, like for example giving the Gemini card a tails/head coin ability and giving the Scorpio card the ability to deal effect damage, and giving the Sagittarius card the ability to attack directly. It is things like that I would have wanted in a Zodiac deck instead of summoning effects.

Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal

Being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, I have watched everything Yu-Gi-Oh including 5D’s and Zexal, even Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie and Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time. Now for a long-time I told myself that I would not watch Zexal but one day I decided to go ahead and to check it out. I watched it all the way through to the end of Season 2, and I can honestly say Zexal is a revamp of the old Yu-Gi-Oh. In Yu-Gi-Oh you have a  spirit of a name-less pharaoh who is on the hunt to reclaim his memories as king while trapped in a young boy’s body connected to a mystical item, called the Millenium Puzzle. In Zexal you have an alien spirit inhabiting the body of a boy connected to another mystical item called the Emperor’s Key and he too (Astral) is on the hunt for his memories by collecting number cards. Both boys wear these mystical items around their neck and both items have a world inside them.

In Yu-Gi-Oh the main character Yugi Motou was hunted by a group called the rare hunters who worked for an evil man named Marik. In Zexal the main character Yuma Tsukumo was hunted by a group called the number hunters who worked for an evil man named Doctor Faker.

In both shows the main character has a rival, who happens to have a little brother. in Yu-Gi-Oh the main character’s rival was Seto Kaiba, and his brother Mokuba was always getting kidnapped. In Zexal the main character’s rival was Kite and his brother Hart had an unknown chronic illness. Is this all coincidence? I think not.