Composition Nightmare! (lock down 02)


If you have not noticed this yet you can cripple attribute and type composite decks with two specific cards, Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match. With these two cards combined you could cripple any composite deck, just keep your deck specific to one type and attribute. With Gozen Match you and your opponent must send monsters to the graveyard if you and your opponent control(s) more than one monster attribute. Rivalry of Warlords is the same way, only though the effect deals with monster types. As well I decided to throw in Imperial Custom as a sort of life insurance for these two continuous trap cards. 

I must say that these cards can cripple archetype decks for certain. To make an example The Six Samurai decks, Neo and Classical are effected by Gozen Match simply because they are composited of all six attributes: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light and Dark. 

An example for Rivalry of Warlords is the Ice Barrier Deck. That deck is pure water, but in monster types Rivalry of Warlords hurts it. It ranges in monster types of Spellcaster, Aqua, Warrior and Dragon. 

To really put a crimp in your opponent’s plans the field spell, Array of Revealing Light helps out in the monster type region as well. When Array of Revealing light is activated declare a monster type and the monster of the declared type cannot attack in the turn it is normal, flip or special summoned. 

Lastly to use this these cards and not effect yourself, I would suggest for archetypes decks like the Blackwing deck that are composed specifically of dark attribute winged-beast type monsters. 

I hope this helps!


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It’s the Final Countdown! (Lock Down 01)

What I have comprised below is a sure-fire (if not) way to a one-sided match where you are controlling the shots. With life absorbing machine active you gain half of the life points you paid from a previous turn. Imperial Customs protects all Continuous Trap cards excluding itself. Activate Final Countdown and don’t worry, you will regain 1000 LP in your next turn from this payment of 2000 LP. With Tour of Doom you can either prevent yourself or your opponent from flip summoning or normal summoning by the dictation of a flip of a coin. You want the ‘heads’ result, and that prevents your opponent from normal summoning and flip summoning. Second Coin Toss allows for you to re-do a coin toss, negating the prior toss. Royal Oppression disallows your opponent from special summoning at the cost of 800 LP each time they special summon. You gain 400 LP back on your next turn from Life Absorbing Machine.  Light of intervention disables their ability and yours to set monsters on the field. With tour and Intervention alone the only thing that your opponent can do is special summon, but the answer to that is Royal Oppression.

The desired combo though is: Imperial Custom, Tour of Doom, Light of Intervention, Royal Oppression and Second Coin Toss. Of course be sure though to activate Final Countdown first, and if you want to activate the Life Absorbing Machine to gain back half of the paid LP from Final Countdown you will have to get rid of it to make room for the other cards. I suggest double cyclone to get rid of it. With the normal spell card double cyclone you can destroy one spell/trap card on your side and destroy one spell/trap card on your opponent’s side.

I hope this helps!


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Gemulum Deck

If this has not been done yet, I personally devised a deck that works with Pendulum monsters and Gemini monsters. So you know how a Gemini monster that is summoned to the field is like a monster in Magic the Gathering that has summoning sickness, in that it cannot use its effect(s) immediately? Well to bypass that would be to special summon it of course. Now since a pendulum summon is considerably a special summon, once you pendulum summon a Gemini monster you can normal summon the Gemini monster immediately so as it may use its effect.

If this did not blow your mind, consider it blown!

Resurrecting the Toons

After a long, long, long while the Toon monsters and their spell and trap support cards are finally back and are in circulation, and the pack to be looking for them in is Clash of Rebellion 2. It is kinda hard to miss, for it has got a picture of a cartoon, comic style black cat.


Rock Deck

This deck is a slow deck and many can fall easily to the defensive traps of this deck. To run a mighty defense rock deck run with most of your rock monsters with 2000 defense points. When most of your monsters have a high defense like 2000, a good card to run with is Shield and Sword. Shield and Sword swaps the ATK from the DEF and the DEF from the ATK. So basically it switches the ATK and DEF points. When most of your monsters have 2000 points of defense another good card to wield is the field spell Canyon: If a rock-type monster in defense position is attacked double any battle damage to the controller of the attacking monster.

Canyon + Lost Guardian. Lost Guardian’s original defense is based on how many rock type monsters that have been removed from play (banished) multiplied by 700, so say you had 10 rock type monsters removed from play from special summoning Megarock Dragon, that places the defense of Lost Guardian at a whopping 7000. 

Note – Lost Guardian can even be used with Shield and Sword.

Machine Burn Deck

Machine Decks are often hard to build, but the one I found easy to build is a burn deck.

Cards required for a machine burn deck are: Cannon Soldier MK – 2: effect – you can tribute 2 cards to inflict 1500 points of damage to your opponent, Cannon Soldier: effect – By tributing 1 monster, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent. Run with the limit of 3 for each card, and support these monsters with Level Limit Area – B, Gravity Bind and Attraffic Control to ground your opponent’s monsters and prevent them from attacking so you can burn as much your heart desires.

Another good card to have is Reflect Bounder. When he is destroyed by battle your opponent is burned for the attacking monsters attack points, so however much that monster’s attack points are, is how much damage your opponent takes.

Guardian Deck

This is an old deck and to use it correctly you have to equip other monsters you control in order to bring out the Guardian monsters. 

Example – Equip Obnoxious Celtic Guard with Rod of Silence Kay’ est in order to normal summon or special summon Guardian Kay’ est.

Nordic Deck

This deck’s primary focus is built towards synchro summoning, but I found another focus and that is utilizing the field spell card, The Nordic Lights.

The field spell card, The Nordic Lights combines with Tyr of the Nordic Champions and Garmr of the Nordic Beasts. With Tyr your opponent cannot select another Nordic monster for an attack except for himself, and when combined with The Nordic Lights, he cannot be destroyed by battle as is the effect of The Nordic Lights.

With Garmr you can attack with him and risk the battle damage from the opponent’s monster considering his low attack points to utilize his effect of bouncing that monster back into the opponent’s hand. The Nordic Lights protects Garmr from being destroyed by that battle.

Worm Deck

This deck is kinda unique. It runs off of Flip Effect monsters. The power of this deck such as Worm Dimikles has to wait a turn for it to be flipped face-up so it can have its attack point boost. And Worm Rakuyeh has to be flipped face-up in order for it to be able  to attack, so to protect these two cards the normal trap card A Feint Plan can protect your face-down cards when activated from being attacked. 

Strategy – Play the continuous spell card Worm Call and with its effect you can once per turn special summon a monster into face – down defense position, and you can use any of the power monsters to special summon into face – down defense position, but let’s special summon Worm Rakuyeh. Normal summon Worm Barses and with its effect flip up your Worm Rakuyeh enabling it the ability to attack.

Note – Worm Barses Makes it to where you do not have to wait a turn to flip your monsters face-up when combined with Worm Call.

Genex Deck

The Genex deck is built around the synchro cards that come with it and the cards that support the synchro summons. Cards to use are the obvious Genex Controller – Tuner monster and Genex Ally Remote. To give the synchro monsters such as Genex Ally Triforce, Windmill Genex, Genex Ally Triarm, Hydro Genex, Thermal Genex and Geo Genex the card Genex Ally Changer will give them their attribute effects.