Saber Deck

I had enough of these cards to actually build one of these decks, and I own way to many. Aside from my personal deck I now own 81 decks. That might be a bit excessive, but I am a deck collector so…what now! Now let’s go into the Saber deck. Back when 5D’s came out a lot of Tuner/Synchro decks emerged and the Saber deck was one of them along with the Resonator and Synchron decks.

The big player for synchros is the synchro monster X-Saber Souza. Souza is a level 7 synchro that can be brought out with the tuner X-Saber Airbellum and X-Saber Uruz. Airbellum is a level 3 tuner monster and Uruz is a level 4 normal effect monster. Souza is a big player for the deck because you can choose whether to use his monster destruction effect or his effect that allows him to be unaffected by trap cards. Souza is like the Mirage Dragon of synchros. Another card for this deck came out with the Zexal series and that card was M-X-Saber Invoker. Invoker is a rank 3 Xyz monster, and it allows you to remove 1 Xyz material to special summon 1 level 4 Earth Warrior or Beast-Warrior from your main deck in face-up defense position. Since the special summoned monster would be destroyed at the end of the turn I would only assume that the summon would be for a synchro summon like for Souza.

Most of the monsters in this deck have low levels, kinda like Yusei’s deck! The monster levels range from 1-3, but their effects bring out other Saber monsters or add other Saber monsters into your hand. With that said a good card to have in this deck (which I don’t have in mine) is the continuous trap Ultimate Offering. We all know what this does because it is a really old card that has been used a lot in many decks: power decks, Xyz summoning deck decks, Gemini decks and any deck that is a fast paced deck.

Well thank you for reading and have a nice or pleasant day/night. It all depends on whether you want it to be nice or pleasant.


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