Fantasy Card 13 – Arcana Force EX – King of the Fools

~2 level 4 “Arcana Force” monsters~

Appearance: A grey skinned jester with blue and gold jester robes. Jester has 2 sets of bat – like grey wings. Eyes are alien – like in shape. Top of the head has three tentacles exceeding the length of the body. Jester has a gold and silver crown embedded with jewels atop his head. The tips of the crown has ball bells hanging from them. Jester wields 2 double ended spears.

Fairy/Xyz, Attribute – Light, ATK ?/DEF:4000, Rank 4.

Effect: This card’s original ATK is based on the combined ATK of the Xyz materials used to Xyz summon this card. 


Fantasy Card 12 – Leviathan of the River

~2 level 4 “Amazoness” monsters~

Appearance: A brown and silver scaled 40 foot serpent with emeralds embedded on it’s scales. Serpent has golden eyes and long fangs. Serpent is seen emerging out of a jungle river arching its body.

Reptile/Xyz, Attribute – Water, ATK:3000/DEF: 0, Rank 4.

Effect: “Amazoness” monsters cannot be selected for an attack, nor can they be selected by an effect monster’s effect that your opponent controls.

Fantasy Card 11 – Crystal Beast Moonstone Raven

~2 level 4 “Crystal Beast” monsters~

Appearance: A large 4 foot tall black raven with moonstones embedded down its spine and on it’s chest. It’s scaled legs are ebony white. Eyes are murky white. Beak and claws are silver colored. A blue aura surrounds the raven.

Winged Beast/Xyz, Attribute – Dark, ATK:2200/DEF:2700, Rank 4.

Effect: “Crystal Beast” monsters can attack your opponent directly and are unaffected by trap cards. This card is unaffected by your opponent’s monster effects. Your face – up continuous spell cards are unaffected by your opponent’s spell cards.

Fantasy Card 10 – Harpie’s Storm Emperor

~2 level 4 “Harpie” monsters~

Appearance: A tall blue haired, green eyed and silver skinned figure with dark brown leather pants, dark brown leather skin – tight jacket with hood (hood draped over head), knee high black leather boots and black finger – less gloves. Figure has large blue and silver feathered wings. Jacket has silver studs all around the fore – arm of the sleeves. Boots have silver studs around the top of the boot sleeve, 3 layers down.

Winged Beast/Xyz, Attribute – Wind, ATK:2500/DEF:1700, Rank 4.

Effect: You can detach 1 Xyz material from this card and special summon it, and that card can attack your opponent directly until the End Phase. This card cannot be selected as an attack target while it has Xyz materials attached to it.

Gem – Knight Deck

This deck’s primary focus is on fusion summoning, and its fusion speed is pretty fast. It’s effect monsters help to bring out the materials required to fusion summon. 

Tip – Activate your face – down counter trap card Fusion Guard when your opponent inflicts effect damage to you. Negate that effect damage and randomly send 1 fusion monster from your fusion deck to the graveyard. On your turn normal summon the effect monster Gem – Knight Emerald, and activate your face – down continuous trap card, Ultimate Offering and pay 500 LP life points to normal summon the normal monster Gem – Knight Sapphire. With Emerald’s effect, banish (remove from play) him and Sapphire to special summon the random fusion monster you sent to the graveyard.

Mecha Phantom Beast Deck

This deck has a tendency to create token monsters, so work off of that. Use cards that utilize token monsters. Such cards are: Token Thanksgiving, Token Feastevil, Token Sundae, and Token Stampede.

  • Token Thanksgiving destroys all token cards and you gain LP (life points) by 800 for each token card.
  • Token Feastevil is activated when a token is special summoned, and with it destroy all tokens on the field and inflict 300 points of damage to your opponent for each token destroyed.
  • Token Sundae destroys all tokens on the field and then destroys cards on the field up to the number of tokens destroyed.
  • Token Stampede boosts tokens by 1000 attack points and renders them unable to be destroyed by battle.

Synchro Summoning Tip

Since It usually takes 2 of your turns to synchro summon with a tuner monster, during your opponent’s turn banish (remove from play) the first material, be it tuner monster or not use Interdimensional Matter Transporter. This protects your monster from being destroyed from any of your opponent’s cards during their turn. Another helpful card would be Forgotten Temple of the Deep. It does the same thing, but with Fish, Sea Serpent and Aqua monsters. 

Now granted synchro summoning this way would leave you vulnerable as doing so resets the battle phase, but it would be worth it.

Beast Deck Tip

Combine the continuous spell card Spiritual Forest with the effect monster Mine Mole. Each turn with Spiritual Forest, the first (in this case) beast monster that would be destroyed is not destroyed by a result of battle. So during your opponent’s turn, your Mine Mole is safe from being destroyed by battle thanks to Spiritual Forest. Then when your opponent attacks Mine Mole again use Mine Mole’s first effect of not being destroyed by battle once per turn.

Fantasy Card 08 – Emperor Dragon Archfiend

~2 level 4 “Archfiend” Monsters~

Appearance: An Archfiend – like humanoid dragon with with red scales, and gold ram – like horns and large wings with gold intricate symbols all over its body. Long tail has 6 spikes on its tip. Dual wields 2 black bladed broad swords. Monster is set on a background of a chess board.

Fiend/Xyz, Attribute – Dark, ATK:2800/DEF:1000, Rank 4. 

Effect: You can pay 500 Life Points during your standby phase. If you do not pay the 500 Life Points, destroy this card and inflict 800 points of damage to your opponent for each card on the field and in the graveyard. This card is unaffected by your opponent’s spell, trap and monster effects.