Fast Synchro Summon!

Alrighty let’s get down to it, this tip is for fast level 8 synchro summons. This tip will help u to bring out Stardust Dragon faster and Red Dragon Archfiend even Hot Red Dragon Archfiend but sadly not for Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons.

Alright, summon out Summoner Monk and by effect switch him to defense position. Then by his second effect discard a spell card to special summon from your deck a level 4 monster. From your deck special summon Top Runner. Top Runner is a level 4 tuner monster. Send the two to the graveyard to synchro summon any level 8 synchro monster. Now if you want to change things up a bit, play the normal spell card Falling Current and target either Summoner Monk or Top Runner and declare a level between 1-3. The monster becomes the designated level. If you chose 3 u can send Top Runner and Summoner Monk to the graveyard to synchro summon Black Rose Dragon or Ancient Fairy Dragon or any level 7 synchro monster. If u declare level 2 with falling current you can synchro summon Celestiel Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius or any level 6 monster. So u get the idea that this setup for synchro summons is fast.

Now you can always play the spell card Double Summon to conduct 2 normal summons to synchro fast as well, which is actually faster, but I would consider including the above stratagem if you want to have more than one type of opportunity to synchro summon.

I hope this was useful. Thanks for reading!


Tuner/Synchro Deck

I have decided to run this deck as a Resonator deck.

Play the normal spell card Resonator Call and from your deck add a Resonator monster (Clock Resonator) to your hand. Then play the continuous spell card Resonant Destruction. Play the equip spell card Snatch Steal and take control over a level 4 monster your opponent controls. Summon out Clock Resonator and with him as a level 3 monster, tune the level 4 monster in order to synchro summon Chaos King Archfiend. Since Clock Resonator was used as a synchro material, Resonant Destruction kicks in and destroys a card your opponent controls.

Neo Decks

I have seen decks get revamped, such as the Elemental Hero Deck, the Archfiend Deck and now the Gravekeeper’s Deck. I like the changes, but I would like to see more creative decks being built rather than old decks being revamped. For example I would like to see a Labyrinth based deck, a Celtic based deck, a pirate zombie based deck or a time based deck.

Fantasy Card 08 – Emperor Dragon Archfiend

~2 level 4 “Archfiend” Monsters~

Appearance: An Archfiend – like humanoid dragon with with red scales, and gold ram – like horns and large wings with gold intricate symbols all over its body. Long tail has 6 spikes on its tip. Dual wields 2 black bladed broad swords. Monster is set on a background of a chess board.

Fiend/Xyz, Attribute – Dark, ATK:2800/DEF:1000, Rank 4. 

Effect: You can pay 500 Life Points during your standby phase. If you do not pay the 500 Life Points, destroy this card and inflict 800 points of damage to your opponent for each card on the field and in the graveyard. This card is unaffected by your opponent’s spell, trap and monster effects.

Archfiend Deck Tip

With Archfiend Emperor, First Lord of Horror on the field banish (remove from play) Archfiend Empress from your hand to destroy 1 card on the field. You destroyed Trance Archfiend. With Trance Archfiend destroyed, his last effect states that 1 of your banished Dark attribute monsters can be added to your hand. Add Archfiend Empress to your hand.

Steelswarm Deck

This is a pretty strong deck, and I highly recommend that the continuous trap card Ultimate Offering be used with this deck. 

Strategy # 1 – Activate the continuous trap card Ultimate Offering, and since you have no monsters on the field, with Steelswarm Cell’s effect special summon it. Normal summon Steelswarm Genome. With Ultimate Offering pay 500 LP (life points) and sacrifice Cell and Genome (Genome counts as 2 tributes for a tribute of a “Steelswarm” monster) to bring out your power house, Steelswarm Hercules. Hercules has an ATK of 3200 and a DEF of 0. With his effect you can pay half of your LP to destroy all other cards on the field, do so then attack with him.

Strategy # 2 – This next one I found while browsing through my cards. Since you have no monsters on your side of the field special summon from your hand Steelswarm Cell, and normal summon Steelswarm Scout. Activate your face-down trap card Ultimate Offering and pay 500 LP to normal summon another Steelswarm Scout. You now have 3 level 1 monsters on the field, and I know what you may be thinking, why bring out 3 level 1 monsters? For an Xyz summon of course! Overlay your three level 1 monsters to Xyz summon Mira the Star Bearer in face-up defense position. It has a survival effect of sending 1 Xyz material to the graveyard to allow it to survive an attack. With Mira you protect yourself 4 times. 

Note – Most of the strategies you can find in this deck are found using Ultimate Offering, and the card makes your deck run even faster.

Card References

For a moment I would like to sit down with you guys and talk about two references to Christian mythology and literature that has been brought up in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! Let us start off with the Archfiend Deck. This deck refers to a legendary piece of Literature called Paradise Lost written by poet John Milton, in which the devil is referred to as the Archfiend. The poem was about the devil and his fall from heaven and what he went through afterwards. The poem is a work of fiction, meaning untrue.

Another reference I’d like to bring up is the card the Tower of Babel. This card has a spell counter effect in which each time a spell card is played, a spell counter is placed on the card. When the player that places the 4th spell counter on it from playing a spell card, the card is destroyed and the player takes 3000 points of damage. This card is a reference to an event in the Bible in which all men spoke one language under the unity of the tower. This had confounded the Christian god and had frustrated him to a point where he had to split up man-kind all over the world forcing a change in tongue.

It is references like these that make the game of Yu-Gi-Oh a whole lot fun, and the game includes way more than just christian references. There are cards that reference Egyptian gods, such as Anubis and Horus, even Ra. Norse and Greek mythology also play into the game. Even The Agent cards refer to mythology, Roman mythology. It is references to mythology that makes the game amazingly awesome and intriguing.


Archfiend Deck 02

I decided to combine both old and new Archfiend cards into one deck and turned it into a pure power deck.

  • Strategy # 1 – Discard Archfiend General to add Pandemonium from your deck to your hand. Play Pandemonium. Activate the trap card Archfiend’s Roar, paying 500 LP (life points) and special summon Archfiend General. Normal summon the tuner monster Clock Resonator and with it tune the two together, (sending them to the graveyard) and synchro summon Chaos King Archfiend. CKA’s attack and defense points are 2600 and its effect is: When this card declares an attack, you can switch the ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters your opponent controls until the end of the battle phase.
  • Strategy # 2 – Normal summon without tributing Archfiend Emperor, First Lord of Horror and his attack goes from 3000 to 1500. Activate the trap card Rising Energy and Discard a card to activate it’s effect. You Discard Terrorking Archfiend and boost First Lord of Horror by 1500 placing it at 3000. Then activate the trap card Archfiend’s Roar and special summon Terrorking Archfiend by paying 500 LP.
  • Strategy # 3 – Play the field spell card Pandemonium and play the card Trance Archfiend. With Trance’s first effect discard 1 fiend type monster from your hand and you chose to discard Imprisoned Queen Archfiend. This boosts his attack points from 1500 to 2000, and from the graveyard with Imprisoned Queen’s effect boost an Archfiend monster’s attack by 1000 points. You chose to boost Trance placing him at an ATK of 3000.
  • Strategy # 4 – During your opponent’s turn, while you have Vilepawn Archfiend on the field and a Vilepawn Archfiend in the graveyard, activate Archfiend’s Roar and pay 500 LP to special summon that Vilepawn from the graveyard to your side of the field. With Vilepawn’s last effect, Archfiend monsters cannot be attacked by an opponent’s monster. This creates a wall that prevents your monsters from being attacked.

The Archfiend Deck

The Archfiend Deck is one of the oldest structure decks in the game, and the deck has made a come-back. The old Set consisted of:

  • Terrorking Archfiend
  • Infernalqueen Archfiend
  • Darkbishop Archfiend
  • Shadowknight Archfiend
  • Desrook Archfiend
  • Vilepawn Archfiend
  • Skull Archfiend of Lightning
  • Mazera Deville
  • Warrior of Zera
  • Imprisoned Queen Archfiend
  • Archfiend Soldier
  • Archfiend General
  • Cyber Archfiend
  • Mist Archfiend
  • Pandemonium

The new set consists of:

  • Mad Archfiend
  • Archfiend Interceptor
  • Archfiend Empress
  • Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror
  • Trance Archfiend
  • Archfiend Heiress
  • Lancer Archfiend
  • Archfiend Cavalry
  • Archfiend Palabyrinth

The Old set had an elemental based attribute, and now it has been turned around to a Dark based attribute deck, and that LP (life points) are not used to utilized to keep them out on the field. Even dice effects have gone out the window. So you don’t have to use Skill Drain to stop LP damage from your own cards, that is an upside for the new set. All in all the Archfiends had a huge turn-around and the rewards are amazing, but I prefer the classical set and running with Skill Drain, making people mad!