Mako Tsunami & Tyranno Hasslebery/Sarge

I would like to compare these two characters for a moment. I was reviewing Yu-Gi-Oh GX, season 2 when an interesting revelation came into my obsessed brain. In the show Yu-Gi-Oh, Mako Tsunami was all about his fish type monsters and his love for the sea, and we have Hassleberry, err Sarge from GX. Sarge was all about his dinosaur monsters and his love for the army. 

Another thing, Mako Tsunami was obsessed by the sea because he lost his dad on a fishing trip during a storm. Sarge got involved in an accident during an archaeological dig where one of his leg bones broke. In the hospital, to replace his broken leg bone, a dinosaur bone got grafted onto his own, giving him “Dinosaur DNA.”

In Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, created by CardGamesFTW Mako Tsunami was referred to as the freaky fish guy, well freaky fish guy I have found your equal, freaky dino guy!


Neo Decks

I have seen decks get revamped, such as the Elemental Hero Deck, the Archfiend Deck and now the Gravekeeper’s Deck. I like the changes, but I would like to see more creative decks being built rather than old decks being revamped. For example I would like to see a Labyrinth based deck, a Celtic based deck, a pirate zombie based deck or a time based deck.