Fantasy Card 14 – Lunava, Guardian of the Deep

Appearance: A giant 50 foot siren with three tails of consecrated ice and electricity. Chest, head and tails are of an ice construct and the arms are of an electrical construct, though fingernails are an ice construct. Hair is of an electrical construct. Left eye is of a solid bright yellow color and the right eye is of a solid bright green color. Adorning the head is a crown of icicles. (monster is seen wielding two 30 foot golden tridents) Background – The ocean deep.

Divine – Beast/Effect, Attribute – Divine, ATK/5000 – DEF/5000

Requires 3 monsters to normal summon (cannot be normal set). This card’s normal summon cannot be negated. You can special summon this card from your hand by removing from play 3 monsters from your graveyard instead of conducting the normal summon. When normal summoned or special summoned cards and their effects cannot be activated. When this card attacks you can negate that attack and inflict life point damage to your opponent equal to the total of the combined monsters’ ATK of monsters that your opponent has out on the field.


Lightsworn Deck

Of the many o.p. decks out there I place the Lightsworn deck above all other decks. It has an annoying ability to mill itself, and in its milling lies its strategies. What milling means is basically sending cards from the top of your deck to the graveyard. For instance say due to a mill effect of a Lightsworn monster the monster Wulf, Lightsworn Beast was sent to the graveyard by a mill effect. You can special summon him from the graveyard to your side of the field. Sacrifice him on your next turn (if he is still around) to bring out Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon. Now let’s say due to a bunch of milling you have 10 Lightsworn monsters in the graveyard. Gragonith’s ATK increases by 300 points for each Lightsworn with a different name in your graveyard. That places Gragonith from 2000 to 5000.

Now that is just one of the many strategies the Lightsworn deck has. This deck’s weakness lies in its strategy, and that being said its adversaries are lock – down decks. This is true because lock – down decks stop monsters from attacking, and to stop lock – downs is the monster Judgement Dragon. Judgement Dragon has a continuous Dark Hole effect, You would have to have the right cards to bust out Judgment Dragon from the graveyard if he was milled. You would need cards like: Lightsworn Sanctuary, Beckoning Light and Ray of Hope.

Well I hope this was informative. Happy dueling!