Yang Zing – Wyrm Deck

I have talked about Wyrms before being the new monster type, and now a new deck has come out that centers around that new monster type, the Yang Zing. They are a group of draconic creatures that are wyrm type. Their effects help to bring one another out and they do rely on synchro summons.

Wyrms in mythology are a type of dragon that usually live in caves and sometimes can be a blind species. Some do have a tendency to live in mountains. They usually have a serpentine body much like the Asian lung, which the Yang Zing appear to be.



Fire Attribute Deck

I built a fire deck around dragons as well as I built my wind deck around dragons. With 2 Fire Attribute Masked Dragons in your graveyard remove them both from play (banish) and special summon 2 Spirit of Flames monsters (1 Masked Dragon per Spirit of Flames). Activate your face – down trap card D. Tribe and turn your Spirit of Flames from pyros into dragons with its effect. Then play your normal spell card Dragonic Tactics and tribute the 2 freshly turned dragons to special summon a level 8 dragon from your deck, namely Tyrant Dragon. Then for shits and giggles play the field spell card Molten Destruction and give your Fire Attribute monsters 500 extra ATK points, placing Tyrant Dragon at 3400 ATK.

This you might already know the Backfire, Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective combo. Well I am going to talk about it anyways. Gaia Soul destroys himself at the end of the turn he was summoned, hence the “combustible” in his name. When he is destroyed by his own effect and when you have the continuous trap card Backfire face – up, your opponent gets burned for 500 points by effect since a fire monster was destroyed and sent to the graveyard.

Wind Attribute deck

My wind deck is built around dragons, but to particular Armed Dragon Level Series. 

Summon out Twin – Headed Behemoth and play the field spell card Rising Air Current. Rising Air Current gives Wind Attribute monsters that 500 ATK point boost. Now you are going to allow him to be destroyed by effect or battle, so that you can special summon him (one time per duel) during the end phase with 1000 ATK and DEF and due to his effect. Then during your turn sacrifice him to tribute summon Armed Dragon LV5. A.D. LV5, when he destroys a card by his discard effect he can upgrade himself to level 7, and level 7 same effect and upgrades to level 10.

After Spear Dragon attacks a monster with his high ATK of 1900, he goes into defense position, and that is when he is vulnerable. Spear Dragon has no DEF. During your opponent’s turn when they go to attack the vulnerable Spear Dragon activate your face – down trap card Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi and with its effect tribute your Wind Attribute Spear Dragon  and send the attacking monster to the bottom of your opponent’s deck. This would be helpful if your opponent was attacking with a higher powered monster.

Thunder Deck

This deck was one of the hardest to build, but I found the right cards to build a proper deck. 

  • Strategy # 1 – Summon out The Creator Incarnate and with him tribute him to special summon The Creator from your hand. Play the normal spell card Lightning Vortex and discard with its effect Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. You have just destroyed every face – up monster your opponent controls with Lightning Vortex. Now let’s special summon Zaborg from the graveyard by discarding the monster Sishunder from The Creator’s effect. 

So run – down, we special summoned The Creator, destroyed our opponent’s face – up monsters and Specail summoned from the graveyard Zaborg the Thunder Monarch.

  • Strategy # 2 – Discard 1 Thunder Dragon from your hand to add 2 more Thunder Dragons to your hand due to its effect. Play the normal spell card Polymerization and fuse the two Thunder Dragons from your hand to fusion summon Twin – Headed Thunder Dragon.

Fantasy Card 08 – Emperor Dragon Archfiend

~2 level 4 “Archfiend” Monsters~

Appearance: An Archfiend – like humanoid dragon with with red scales, and gold ram – like horns and large wings with gold intricate symbols all over its body. Long tail has 6 spikes on its tip. Dual wields 2 black bladed broad swords. Monster is set on a background of a chess board.

Fiend/Xyz, Attribute – Dark, ATK:2800/DEF:1000, Rank 4. 

Effect: You can pay 500 Life Points during your standby phase. If you do not pay the 500 Life Points, destroy this card and inflict 800 points of damage to your opponent for each card on the field and in the graveyard. This card is unaffected by your opponent’s spell, trap and monster effects.

Fantasy Card 03 – Red Eyes Shadow Dragon

~2 “Red Eyes Black Dragons”~

Appearance: A 4 armed, 4 winged, 2 headed, 4 legged, 2 tailed red eyes black dragon constructed of pure consecrated darkness.

Dragon/Fusion, Attribute – Dark, ATK: 3500/DEF: 2700, Level 8.

Effect: (none)

Fantasy Card 02 – Gold Chained Dragon of the Amazon

~2 level 4 “Amazoness” monsters~

Appearance: A green and blue feathered wyvern with long pointed ears and a set of ‘v’ formation straight horns. Dragon is feted with golden shackles and chains – chains are broken and dragon is feted on by its neck and ankles.

Dragon/Xyz, Attribute – Wind, ATK: 2500/DEF:  1200, Rank 4

Effect: You take no battle damage from “Amazoness” monsters on your side of the field while this card is face-up on the field. When this card attacks a monster in defense position whose defense is lower than this monster’s ATK, inflict battle damage to your opponent’s life points.