Tuner/Synchro Deck

I have decided to run this deck as a Resonator deck.

Play the normal spell card Resonator Call and from your deck add a Resonator monster (Clock Resonator) to your hand. Then play the continuous spell card Resonant Destruction. Play the equip spell card Snatch Steal and take control over a level 4 monster your opponent controls. Summon out Clock Resonator and with him as a level 3 monster, tune the level 4 monster in order to synchro summon Chaos King Archfiend. Since Clock Resonator was used as a synchro material, Resonant Destruction kicks in and destroys a card your opponent controls.


Normal Monster Deck

I am going to go over several critical necessities needed for this type of deck.

Non – Spellcasting Area and Skill Drain – These two cards are a necessity because with the continuous spell card, Non – Spellcasting Area spell cards will prove to be ineffective towards normal monster cards, and Skill Drain the continuous trap card will prevent monster effects from being activated. 

Justi – Break – This trap card activates when your opponent declares an attack. Destroy all face – up attack position monsters except for normal monsters.

Faustian Bargain – If your opponent has a monster that they special summoned or if you have a monster that you special summoned (preferably your opponent’s s.s. monster) destroy that monster with this spell card by effect and by effect special summon 1 level 4 normal monster card from your hand, like for example Gemini Elf. She has an ATK of 1900. Equip her with an ATK booster card.

Gagaga Deck

This deck is built around Xyz summoning, in fact you could say it is its focus. 

Summon out Gagaga Magician and pick a level for him to downgrade himself or upgrade himself. You chose level 8 for Magician. Then special summon to your side of the field Gagaga Child since you have a a Gagaga monster out on your side of the field and upgrade Child’s level to 8. Activate 2 Gagaga Bolt normal spell cards and destroy 2 monsters on the field (1 each). Overlay the 2 monsters and Xyz summon Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings and play the normal spell card Xyz Burst. Since you have Number 40, a rank 8 Xyz monster Xyz Burst destroys every set card your opponent controls.

The possibilities with this deck is endless if you have a full extra deck.

Reptile Deck

I have built my reptile deck to be based around Xyz summoning.

 Set face – down the continuous trap card Ultimate Offering. Summon out Worm Drake and from your hand special summon Kagetokage. You got 2 level 4 reptile type monsters on the field. Overlay the 2 monsters to Xyz summon King of the Feral Imps, and with his effect shed off and an xyz material to add 1 reptile  monster from your deck to your hand  (another kagetokage). On your next turn, if King of the Feral Imps is still out on the field, summon out Ancient Lizard Warrior and special summon another kagetokage. Shed off another xyz material and add to your hand from your deck The Tyrant Neptune. Flip face – up Ultimate Offering and pay 500 LP (Life Points) to sacrifice both kings to bring out The Tyrant Neptune.

Neptune’s effect gives him the combined ATK and DEF of both monsters used for the sacrifice. Both Kings had the ATK of 2300 and DEF of 2000. That Gives Neptune the ATK of 4600 and DEF of 4000.

Yubel/Fiend Deck

One of the best cards to have in this deck is the effect monster Snipe Hunter and to support him is the card normal trap card Intrigue Shield. Intrigue Shield protects Snipe Hunter from being destroyed by battle once per turn and you take no battle damage while the Shield is equipped to Snipe Hunter. Now Snipe Hunter by the roll of a die can destroy a card if the result is 2, 3, 4, or 5. To do so you have to discard a card from your hand. You want to Destroy Yubel so you can summon out her alter ego Yubel – Terror Incarnate. Discard another card to roll a 2, 3, 4 or 5 again to destroy Terror Incarnate and special summon Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare.

Plant Deck

For a fast Xyz summon of Fairy King Albverdich summon out Vampire Orchis and with its effect special summon Des Dendle from your hand. Overlay those two monsters and Xyz summon Fairy King Albverdich.

If you don’t have Vampire Orchis in your hand but you have Des Dendle instead, summon out Botanical Girl in face – up defense and allow her to be destroyed. That way with Botanical Girl’s effect you can add 1 monster with 1000 DEF from your deck to your hand. 

Fairy King Albverdich is an Xyz monster with 2300 ATK and 1400 DEF. It has the ability that you can remove 1 Xyz material to downgrade every monster’s ATK your opponent controls by 500.

Thunder Deck

This deck was one of the hardest to build, but I found the right cards to build a proper deck. 

  • Strategy # 1 – Summon out The Creator Incarnate and with him tribute him to special summon The Creator from your hand. Play the normal spell card Lightning Vortex and discard with its effect Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. You have just destroyed every face – up monster your opponent controls with Lightning Vortex. Now let’s special summon Zaborg from the graveyard by discarding the monster Sishunder from The Creator’s effect. 

So run – down, we special summoned The Creator, destroyed our opponent’s face – up monsters and Specail summoned from the graveyard Zaborg the Thunder Monarch.

  • Strategy # 2 – Discard 1 Thunder Dragon from your hand to add 2 more Thunder Dragons to your hand due to its effect. Play the normal spell card Polymerization and fuse the two Thunder Dragons from your hand to fusion summon Twin – Headed Thunder Dragon.

Beast – Warrior Deck

I have found a combo that can be used in this type of deck.

  • Combo – With Manticore of Darkness play the normal spell card Wild Nature’s Release on him and boost his ATK by his defensive points, being 1000. That boosts his ATK to 3300. At the end phase due to Wild Nature’s Release he is destroyed. With Manticore’s effect during the end phase of a turn he was sent to the graveyard you can discard any type of “beast” type monster to special summon him during the end phase. 

Ancient Gear Deck

This is another old deck. I am just going to give a run down on some combos.

  • Play the field spell Geartown and allow it to be destroyed so that with its effect you can special summon Ancient Gear Golem.
  • Equip Ancient Gear Soldier with Ancient Gear fist and Ancient Gear Tank. Ancient gear fist destroys the monster that battled with it. When Ancient Gear Soldier is destroyed and sent to the graveyard Tank’s effect activates and burns your opponent for 600. Why not just 1 Tank though, equip Soldier with 2 Tanks.

Laval Deck

Main Strategy – Activate the field spell card Molten Destruction and set face – down in the spell and trap card zone 2 trap cards, Return from a Different Dimension and Dustflame blast. With Laval Magma Cannoneer send 2 fire attribute monsters from your hand to the graveyard. You sent 2 Laval Judgment Lords from your hand to the graveyard. Place Laval Miller in face – up defense position, and on your opponent’s turn allow him to be destroyed. With his destruction, his effect comes into play: send 2 Laval monsters from your deck to the graveyard. You chose to send 2 Laval Lancelords from your deck to the graveyard. On your next turn play Dustflame Blast and remove 2 Laval Judgment Lords and 2 Laval Lancelords and Laval Miller from your graveyard from play (banish) to destroy any number of cards on the field up equal to the amount of Laval monsters removed from play (banish). You destroyed 5 monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. This cleared your opponent’s field of all monsters.

Activate the face – down trap card Return from a different dimension and pay half of your LP (life points) to special summon as many banished monsters from play. Special Summon 2 Laval Judgement Lords and 2 Laval Lancelords. Have your monsters attack. The combined attack of your monsters boosted with Molten Destruction is 11,800. (Lancelord – 2600 times 2 + Judgment – 3200 times 2)