Wind Attribute deck

My wind deck is built around dragons, but to particular Armed Dragon Level Series. 

Summon out Twin – Headed Behemoth and play the field spell card Rising Air Current. Rising Air Current gives Wind Attribute monsters that 500 ATK point boost. Now you are going to allow him to be destroyed by effect or battle, so that you can special summon him (one time per duel) during the end phase with 1000 ATK and DEF and due to his effect. Then during your turn sacrifice him to tribute summon Armed Dragon LV5. A.D. LV5, when he destroys a card by his discard effect he can upgrade himself to level 7, and level 7 same effect and upgrades to level 10.

After Spear Dragon attacks a monster with his high ATK of 1900, he goes into defense position, and that is when he is vulnerable. Spear Dragon has no DEF. During your opponent’s turn when they go to attack the vulnerable Spear Dragon activate your face – down trap card Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi and with its effect tribute your Wind Attribute Spear Dragon  and send the attacking monster to the bottom of your opponent’s deck. This would be helpful if your opponent was attacking with a higher powered monster.