Resurrecting the Toons

After a long, long, long while the Toon monsters and their spell and trap support cards are finally back and are in circulation, and the pack to be looking for them in is Clash of Rebellion 2. It is kinda hard to miss, for it has got a picture of a cartoon, comic style black cat.



Toon Deck

The Toon deck is one of the toughest decks to beat once they get going. The Toon deck is hard to beat in that sense, because of their annoying ability to attack directly. The main weakness of a Toon deck lies in its own spell card, Toon World. Toon Monsters can only be out on the field if the continuous spell card Toon World is out on the field. If Toon World is destroyed, the monsters are destroyed. With this deck, it is best to have two strategies: The Primary Toon strategy and any other strategy. Another strategy would be the Relinquished strategy.

To bring out Toon World Faster play the spell card Toon Table of Contents to add one Toon card from your deck to your hand.