Genex Deck

The Genex deck is built around the synchro cards that come with it and the cards that support the synchro summons. Cards to use are the obvious Genex Controller – Tuner monster and Genex Ally Remote. To give the synchro monsters such as Genex Ally Triforce, Windmill Genex, Genex Ally Triarm, Hydro Genex, Thermal Genex and Geo Genex the card Genex Ally Changer will give them their attribute effects. 


Fire Fist Deck

This deck is pretty fast on the power-ups that supplies its monsters. The power-up cards are called the Fire Formation cards. The trap cards boost the monsters by 300 points and the spell cards boost the monsters by 100 points. A good card to include in this deck would be the field spell card Molten Destruction, and that boosts Fire monsters for 500 attack points. I don’t have any sub-strategies for this deck. This deck is pretty cut-and-dry on what it does, in that it is a power beat-down deck.

The Fabled Deck

This deck is a little similar to the Dark World deck, except it does not completely rely on discard effects. It relies on both sending effects and discard effects.

Strategy – To special summon The Fabled Nozochee discard 1 “Fabled” monster from your hand. You discarded The Fabled Catsith and with Catsith’s effect when it was discarded you can destroy 1 monster on your opponent’s side of the field. With Nozoochee’s last effect when it was special summoned you can special summon 1 level 2 or lower “Fabled” monster from your hand. You special summoned the level 2 tuner monster, Fabled Oltro. Tune Oltro and Nozoochee together to synchro summon The Fabled Kudabi. Now if you have any spell and/or trap cards in your hand place them face-down  in your spell/trap card zone. If you have any monsters to normal summon, normal summon them. You want to have no cards in your hand to play its card less effect. For Kudabi’s card less effect you have to obviously have 0 cards in your hand so that it has the effect of: This card cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects.

Note – Most of the strategies consist of synchro summoning and the deck has many powerful synchro monsters to bring out.

Note – There are not very many spell/trap Fabled based support cards for the deck so finding the right support cards can be difficult. The cards I would use are:

  •  Luminous Spark
  • Shadow Spell
  • Swords of Burning Light
  • Creature Swap
  • Mirror Force
  • Dark Hole