Ghostrick Combo (# 6)

In playing on the Dueling Network site I discovered an amazing combo done with Ghostricks that you would never even imagine, or even think of using. The combo I am going to reveal is very unique in that is unexpected. What I am talking about is Mystic Swordsman level monsters, but to be exact would be Mystic Swordsman LV4, and the continuous trap card Ghostrick-Go-Round. Now Mystic Swordsman LV4 states that he has to be set before he can attack. Ghostrick-Go-Round works around that. Since you cannot set and flip up the same monster in the same turn by itself, you can target that face-down card with an effect and flip it face-up. With Ghostrick Witch face-up on the field use her effect to change one monster your opponent controls to face-down defense position. Now you can attack with Mystic Swordsman LV4 and use his effect to immediately destroy the face-down monster it attacked during the start of the damage step, which cuts out the damage step.

I saw this being played and the results are amazing!



Ghostrick Deck

Main Strategy – The main strategy of this deck is to lock your opponent’s monsters down into face-down defense position, and then to attack directly with the effect of the field spells: Ghostrick Museum, Ghostrick Mansion and Ghostrick Parade. The continuous trap card Ghostrick Night keeps your opponent’s monsters face down while a Ghostrick monster is face – up on the field. 

A great card to have in the deck is Tour of Doom supported by an insurance policy known as the continuous spell card Second Coin Toss. Tour of doom, by the result of a coin toss be it heads keeps your opponent from normal summoning new monsters and flip summoning old monsters. If you get the result of tails use your insurance policy Second Coin Toss and negate the tails result and redo the coin toss.