Fire Attribute Deck

I built a fire deck around dragons as well as I built my wind deck around dragons. With 2 Fire Attribute Masked Dragons in your graveyard remove them both from play (banish) and special summon 2 Spirit of Flames monsters (1 Masked Dragon per Spirit of Flames). Activate your face – down trap card D. Tribe and turn your Spirit of Flames from pyros into dragons with its effect. Then play your normal spell card Dragonic Tactics and tribute the 2 freshly turned dragons to special summon a level 8 dragon from your deck, namely Tyrant Dragon. Then for shits and giggles play the field spell card Molten Destruction and give your Fire Attribute monsters 500 extra ATK points, placing Tyrant Dragon at 3400 ATK.

This you might already know the Backfire, Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective combo. Well I am going to talk about it anyways. Gaia Soul destroys himself at the end of the turn he was summoned, hence the “combustible” in his name. When he is destroyed by his own effect and when you have the continuous trap card Backfire face – up, your opponent gets burned for 500 points by effect since a fire monster was destroyed and sent to the graveyard.