Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal

Being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, I have watched everything Yu-Gi-Oh including 5D’s and Zexal, even Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie and Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time. Now for a long-time I told myself that I would not watch Zexal but one day I decided to go ahead and to check it out. I watched it all the way through to the end of Season 2, and I can honestly say Zexal is a revamp of the old Yu-Gi-Oh. In Yu-Gi-Oh you have a  spirit of a name-less pharaoh who is on the hunt to reclaim his memories as king while trapped in a young boy’s body connected to a mystical item, called the Millenium Puzzle. In Zexal you have an alien spirit inhabiting the body of a boy connected to another mystical item called the Emperor’s Key and he too (Astral) is on the hunt for his memories by collecting number cards. Both boys wear these mystical items around their neck and both items have a world inside them.

In Yu-Gi-Oh the main character Yugi Motou was hunted by a group called the rare hunters who worked for an evil man named Marik. In Zexal the main character Yuma Tsukumo was hunted by a group called the number hunters who worked for an evil man named Doctor Faker.

In both shows the main character has a rival, who happens to have a little brother. in Yu-Gi-Oh the main character’s rival was Seto Kaiba, and his brother Mokuba was always getting kidnapped. In Zexal the main character’s rival was Kite and his brother Hart had an unknown chronic illness. Is this all coincidence? I think not.