Fire King Deck

Fire decks can be very fun to use whether the use be for a burn stratagem or a destruction stratagem. Fire Kings work around destruction. So let’s start off with the effect monster, Fire King Avatar Garunix. Have the little guy, (we call him little because there is a bigger version of him) chibi Garunix attack a higher ATK point monster. Since chibi Garunix has only 700 ATK you would be taking LP (life point) damage, but that is a small price to pay to (with his effect) special summon Fire King High Avatar Garunix (adult Garunix) from your deck. 

End your turn and give your opponent the green light to go. During their turn before they can do anything activate your face – down trap card Destruct Potion and with its effect destroy adult Garunix and gain LP in accordance to its ATK. Congrats, you just gained 2700 LP! This gives your opponent one window to deal as much damage to you as possible, because their monsters are going to be destroyed by adult Garunix during your standby phase when he comes back to your side of the field.