Resurrecting the Toons

After a long, long, long while the Toon monsters and their spell and trap support cards are finally back and are in circulation, and the pack to be looking for them in is Clash of Rebellion 2. It is kinda hard to miss, for it has got a picture of a cartoon, comic style black cat.



Blue Eyes/Dragon Deck

The Blue Eyes Deck holds one of the oldest cards in the game, Blue Eyes White Dragon and it has made a recent come-back with some brand new cards:

  • Strategy # 1- Play spell card Dragon Shrine to send 1 dragon-type monster from your deck to the graveyard, chose Blue Eyes White Dragon and since you chose a normal monster send another dragon to the graveyard preferably a dark attribute dragon, like Divine Dragon Apocralyph. Play the quick-play spell card Silver’s Cry to target 1 dragon-type normal monster in your graveyard; special summon that target. You target  Blue Eyes White Dragon and special summoned it. Normal summon the tuner monster, The White Stone of Legend, it’s a level 1 monster. With The White Stone of Legend and Blue Eyes White Dragon, synchro summon Azure Eyes Silver Dragon and his effect states that when he is summoned dragon-type monsters are unaffected by card effects until the end of your next turn. Now, banish (remove from play) your light attribute monster, The White Stone of Legend and the the dark attribute monster Divine Dragon Apocralyph to special summon Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End (not included in structure deck). On your next turn with Azure Eyes Silver Dragon, during your standby phase special summon Blue Eyes White Dragon from your graveyard.
  • Strategy # 2 – Play the spell card One for One to send a monster in your hand to the graveyard (Blue Eyes White Dragon) and special summon 1 level 1 monster (Maiden with Eyes of Blue) from your  hand or deck . Equip Raregold Armor (not included in structure deck) to Maiden With Eyes of Blue. This forces your opponent to only attack the monster equipped with the Raregold Armor. When Maiden is attacked change its battle position and negate the attack. Then special summon 1 Blue Eyes White Dragon from your graveyard.
  • Strategy # 3 – Play 2 Dragon Shrines. With this, you send 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons to the graveyard from the deck and Mirage Dragon. Play Dragon’s Mirror, and remove 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons from the graveyard to Fusion Summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Tribute Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon to special summon Blue Eyes Shining Dragon.