Fantasy Card 13 – Arcana Force EX – King of the Fools

~2 level 4 “Arcana Force” monsters~

Appearance: A grey skinned jester with blue and gold jester robes. Jester has 2 sets of bat – like grey wings. Eyes are alien – like in shape. Top of the head has three tentacles exceeding the length of the body. Jester has a gold and silver crown embedded with jewels atop his head. The tips of the crown has ball bells hanging from them. Jester wields 2 double ended spears.

Fairy/Xyz, Attribute – Light, ATK ?/DEF:4000, Rank 4.

Effect: This card’s original ATK is based on the combined ATK of the Xyz materials used to Xyz summon this card. 


Arcana Force Deck

This deck is one of the most riskiest decks to use, and I say that because this deck is a gamble deck. This deck gambles off of the results of a coin toss. If you toss a coin and you get the result you wanted, you can use your cards to your delight. If you toss a coin and you get the wrong result, well that can seriously hurt you. The cards you want to protect your desired result is the card Reversal of Fate. Reversal of Fate grants the other result to the monster, as each monster comes with a coin toss effect.

One of the cards, Aracana Force 0 – The Fool has a tails effect that enables him to be unaffected by your opponents cards. He also has a primary effect that makes him unable to be destroyed by battle. While he has his tails effect, and in defense position, equip him the equip spell card Ring of Magnetism. With the ring equipped to him, monsters your opponent control can only attack him.

To play off of the Arcana Force monsters coin effect, run with the continuous trap card Lucky Chance. With it when you toss a coin for an effect monster card toss a coin and call it. If you call it right you get to draw a card. So this card piggybacks off of your Aracana Force monsters.