Fantasy Card 12 – Leviathan of the River

~2 level 4 “Amazoness” monsters~

Appearance: A brown and silver scaled 40 foot serpent with emeralds embedded on it’s scales. Serpent has golden eyes and long fangs. Serpent is seen emerging out of a jungle river arching its body.

Reptile/Xyz, Attribute – Water, ATK:3000/DEF: 0, Rank 4.

Effect: “Amazoness” monsters cannot be selected for an attack, nor can they be selected by an effect monster’s effect that your opponent controls.


Fantasy Card 02 – Gold Chained Dragon of the Amazon

~2 level 4 “Amazoness” monsters~

Appearance: A green and blue feathered wyvern with long pointed ears and a set of ‘v’ formation straight horns. Dragon is feted with golden shackles and chains – chains are broken and dragon is feted on by its neck and ankles.

Dragon/Xyz, Attribute – Wind, ATK: 2500/DEF:  1200, Rank 4

Effect: You take no battle damage from “Amazoness” monsters on your side of the field while this card is face-up on the field. When this card attacks a monster in defense position whose defense is lower than this monster’s ATK, inflict battle damage to your opponent’s life points.