Yubel/Fiend Deck

One of the best cards to have in this deck is the effect monster Snipe Hunter and to support him is the card normal trap card Intrigue Shield. Intrigue Shield protects Snipe Hunter from being destroyed by battle once per turn and you take no battle damage while the Shield is equipped to Snipe Hunter. Now Snipe Hunter by the roll of a die can destroy a card if the result is 2, 3, 4, or 5. To do so you have to discard a card from your hand. You want to Destroy Yubel so you can summon out her alter ego Yubel – Terror Incarnate. Discard another card to roll a 2, 3, 4 or 5 again to destroy Terror Incarnate and special summon Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare.


Ancient Gear Deck

This is another old deck. I am just going to give a run down on some combos.

  • Play the field spell Geartown and allow it to be destroyed so that with its effect you can special summon Ancient Gear Golem.
  • Equip Ancient Gear Soldier with Ancient Gear fist and Ancient Gear Tank. Ancient gear fist destroys the monster that battled with it. When Ancient Gear Soldier is destroyed and sent to the graveyard Tank’s effect activates and burns your opponent for 600. Why not just 1 Tank though, equip Soldier with 2 Tanks.

Laval Deck

Main Strategy – Activate the field spell card Molten Destruction and set face – down in the spell and trap card zone 2 trap cards, Return from a Different Dimension and Dustflame blast. With Laval Magma Cannoneer send 2 fire attribute monsters from your hand to the graveyard. You sent 2 Laval Judgment Lords from your hand to the graveyard. Place Laval Miller in face – up defense position, and on your opponent’s turn allow him to be destroyed. With his destruction, his effect comes into play: send 2 Laval monsters from your deck to the graveyard. You chose to send 2 Laval Lancelords from your deck to the graveyard. On your next turn play Dustflame Blast and remove 2 Laval Judgment Lords and 2 Laval Lancelords and Laval Miller from your graveyard from play (banish) to destroy any number of cards on the field up equal to the amount of Laval monsters removed from play (banish). You destroyed 5 monsters on your opponent’s side of the field. This cleared your opponent’s field of all monsters.

Activate the face – down trap card Return from a different dimension and pay half of your LP (life points) to special summon as many banished monsters from play. Special Summon 2 Laval Judgement Lords and 2 Laval Lancelords. Have your monsters attack. The combined attack of your monsters boosted with Molten Destruction is 11,800. (Lancelord – 2600 times 2 + Judgment – 3200 times 2)

Ghostrick Deck

Main Strategy – The main strategy of this deck is to lock your opponent’s monsters down into face-down defense position, and then to attack directly with the effect of the field spells: Ghostrick Museum, Ghostrick Mansion and Ghostrick Parade. The continuous trap card Ghostrick Night keeps your opponent’s monsters face down while a Ghostrick monster is face – up on the field. 

A great card to have in the deck is Tour of Doom supported by an insurance policy known as the continuous spell card Second Coin Toss. Tour of doom, by the result of a coin toss be it heads keeps your opponent from normal summoning new monsters and flip summoning old monsters. If you get the result of tails use your insurance policy Second Coin Toss and negate the tails result and redo the coin toss. 

Gem – Knight Deck

This deck’s primary focus is on fusion summoning, and its fusion speed is pretty fast. It’s effect monsters help to bring out the materials required to fusion summon. 

Tip – Activate your face – down counter trap card Fusion Guard when your opponent inflicts effect damage to you. Negate that effect damage and randomly send 1 fusion monster from your fusion deck to the graveyard. On your turn normal summon the effect monster Gem – Knight Emerald, and activate your face – down continuous trap card, Ultimate Offering and pay 500 LP life points to normal summon the normal monster Gem – Knight Sapphire. With Emerald’s effect, banish (remove from play) him and Sapphire to special summon the random fusion monster you sent to the graveyard.

Mecha Phantom Beast Deck

This deck has a tendency to create token monsters, so work off of that. Use cards that utilize token monsters. Such cards are: Token Thanksgiving, Token Feastevil, Token Sundae, and Token Stampede.

  • Token Thanksgiving destroys all token cards and you gain LP (life points) by 800 for each token card.
  • Token Feastevil is activated when a token is special summoned, and with it destroy all tokens on the field and inflict 300 points of damage to your opponent for each token destroyed.
  • Token Sundae destroys all tokens on the field and then destroys cards on the field up to the number of tokens destroyed.
  • Token Stampede boosts tokens by 1000 attack points and renders them unable to be destroyed by battle.

Crashbug Deck

This is one peculiar deck. It’s main strategy (the way I would run it) would be built around the effect monster Super Crashbug. I would run the deck as a lock-down deck. 

Main Strategy – Activate your face-down continuous trap card Gravity Bind to stop level 4 and higher monsters from attacking. With Dark Crusader already on the field from your last turn, send 3 dark monsters from your hand to the graveyard to boost his attack to 2800. His original attack was 1600 that would be 400 ATK points per monster. Now the monsters you sent were Crashbug X, Y and Z. Banish Crashbug X, Crashbug Y and Crashbug Z from the graveyard to special summon Super Crashbug. Play your continuous spell card Infected Mail. Activate 2 Escape from the Dark Dimension continuous trap cards and special summon Crashbugs X and Y from the banishment pile. Next use the Shield and Sword effect of Super Crashbug of switching the attack and defense of every monster on the field. Now every Crashbug with the exception of Super Crashbug (level 4) is a level 3 so they are unnaffected by Gravity Bind, and with Infected Mail select with its effect Crashbug X and it can attack directly, but it is destroyed at the end of the turn. Thanks to Super Crashbug it has an ATK of 2000.

Steelswarm Deck

This is a pretty strong deck, and I highly recommend that the continuous trap card Ultimate Offering be used with this deck. 

Strategy # 1 – Activate the continuous trap card Ultimate Offering, and since you have no monsters on the field, with Steelswarm Cell’s effect special summon it. Normal summon Steelswarm Genome. With Ultimate Offering pay 500 LP (life points) and sacrifice Cell and Genome (Genome counts as 2 tributes for a tribute of a “Steelswarm” monster) to bring out your power house, Steelswarm Hercules. Hercules has an ATK of 3200 and a DEF of 0. With his effect you can pay half of your LP to destroy all other cards on the field, do so then attack with him.

Strategy # 2 – This next one I found while browsing through my cards. Since you have no monsters on your side of the field special summon from your hand Steelswarm Cell, and normal summon Steelswarm Scout. Activate your face-down trap card Ultimate Offering and pay 500 LP to normal summon another Steelswarm Scout. You now have 3 level 1 monsters on the field, and I know what you may be thinking, why bring out 3 level 1 monsters? For an Xyz summon of course! Overlay your three level 1 monsters to Xyz summon Mira the Star Bearer in face-up defense position. It has a survival effect of sending 1 Xyz material to the graveyard to allow it to survive an attack. With Mira you protect yourself 4 times. 

Note – Most of the strategies you can find in this deck are found using Ultimate Offering, and the card makes your deck run even faster.

Ally of Justice Deck

This deck is an anti – deck, that is made to counter light attribute decks. A really useful card to use in this deck is the card DNA Transplant to change the attribute of monsters to the desired light attribute.

Morphtronic Deck

This deck is the Yu-gi-oh! version of Transformers. The Morphtronic deck is another one of those unique decks. The strategies of the deck relies completely on battle position. 

Strategy # 1 – While Morphtronic Staplen is in attack position, other monsters cannot be selected for an attack, so switch it from defense position to attack position, and normal summon another Staplen in face-up attack position. Activate your face-down continuous trap card Call of the Haunted and special summon Morphtronic Boarden in face-up attack position, and with its attack position effect Morphtronic monsters can attack your opponent directly. Since both Staplens have 1400 attack points your opponent is gonna get hit for a direct assault of 2800 + 500 from Boarden’s attack combining for a whopping total of 3300 per turn.

Strategy # 2 – Activate your face-down continuous trap card Morphtronic Bind and block all level 4 and higher monsters your opponent controls from attacking and while controlling a Morphtronic monster. On your next turn switch Morphtronic Clocken and Morphtronic datatron to defense position. Clocken gains Morph Counters on it each turn while in defense, and that can build up to burning 1000 points of damage to your opponent for each morph counter when tributed. Datatron’s effect burns your opponent for 300 points.