Blackwing Combo (# 4)

In looking at my Blackwing deck I discovered a monster/spell combo that could help out immensely. Summon out Blackwing – Fane the Steel Chain. Now Fane has 500 ATK which will bypass Trap Hole and if your opponent had the trap card Infinite Dismissal on the field to send it to the graveyard at the end of the turn because he is below level 3, don’t worry what your going to do will render Infinite Dismissal pointless. 

Okay so, with Fane bypass your opponent’s monster(s) and attack directly hitting them for 500 LP (Life Point) damage. Fane’s next effect allows him to switch a monster your opponent controls from attack to defense position. Then play Black-Winged Strafe. Strafe is a normal spell card that destroys a defense position monster by tributing a Blackwing monster (Fane). Tribute Fane with Strafe and destroy that freshly position-switched monster and let’s say that monster was a high level high ATK point monster. This move should give you an edge in your duel.

Thank you for reading! 


Card Combo # 3

I discovered a spell combo that can take care of two monsters your opponent controls. Play the equip spell card Snatch Steal and take control over a monster your opponent controls. Now naturally on your opponent’s turn they get a nice LP (Life Point) boost of 1000 during their standby phase, but you are not going to give them that chance. What you are going to do is activate the spell card Enemy Controller and tribute the equipped monster to take control over another monster on your opponent’s side of the field.

Now playing one Enemy Controller is enough, but if your opponent has more than those two monsters, you can play another Enemy Controller to be a major jerk. Look at it this way, sometimes in the game you have to play hard to win. Hope you enjoyed this card tip! Thank you for reading.