Water Attribute Deck

Summon out Blizzard Falcon and activate the quick – play spell card Rush Recklessly and boost Blizzard Falcon’s ATK by 700 placing him at 2200 from his 1500.

Play Hand Destruction and both you and your opponent send 2 cards from your hand to the graveyard and draw 2 cards. You sent 2 Water Attribute monsters from your hand to the graveyard. From your graveyard remove from play (banish) those 2 Water Attribute monsters to special summon Fenrir. Play the quick – play spell card Burial from a Different Dimension and return those Water Attribute banished monsters to the graveyard. Remove those 2 monsters from play again to special summon out another Fenrir. You can use these 2 Fenrirs to do a rank 4 xyz summon, or you can tribute the 2 to tribute summon a stronger Water Attribute monster.



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