Normal Monster Deck

I am going to go over several critical necessities needed for this type of deck.

Non – Spellcasting Area and Skill Drain – These two cards are a necessity because with the continuous spell card, Non – Spellcasting Area spell cards will prove to be ineffective towards normal monster cards, and Skill Drain the continuous trap card will prevent monster effects from being activated. 

Justi – Break – This trap card activates when your opponent declares an attack. Destroy all face – up attack position monsters except for normal monsters.

Faustian Bargain – If your opponent has a monster that they special summoned or if you have a monster that you special summoned (preferably your opponent’s s.s. monster) destroy that monster with this spell card by effect and by effect special summon 1 level 4 normal monster card from your hand, like for example Gemini Elf. She has an ATK of 1900. Equip her with an ATK booster card.


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