Blackwing Deck

This deck will guarantee a fun time, and I mean fun in the game sense of “fun time” nothing more.

Spell and trap card combo – Activate your face-down normal trap card Windstorm of Etaqua. to switch all face-up monsters your opponent controls to defense position. Play the normal spell card Black – Winged Strafe and send 1 “Blackwing” monster from your hand to the graveyard to destroy 1 defense position your opponent controls.

Now let’s get on to the strategies that come with this deck:

Strategy # 1 – Play the continuous spell card Black Whirlwind. Normal Summon Blackwing – Bora the Spear and with the effect of Black Whirlwind add 1 Blackwing monster that has a lower ATK of the normal summoned monster to your hand. You added Blackwing – Gladius the Midnight Sun, and with its first effect special summon it in face-up defense position. On your next turn and hopefully Gladius is still on the field due to its survival effect, you can normal summon without tributing Blackwing – Elphin the Raven. Elphin has an ATK of 2200 and its effect switches 1 monster your opponent controls to face-up defense position.

Strategy # 2 – Activate the face-down Windstorm of Etaqua and switch your opponent’s face-up monsters to defense position. Now hopefully your opponent’s monsters have a lower defense than your already on the field monster, Blackwing Shura the Blue Flame. Successfully destroy with Shura a monster your opponent controls, and then with its attack effect special summon a monster with 1500 or less ATK from your deck. you chose Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. Tune Gale and Shura together to synchro summon the 2500 ATK point monster, Blackwing Armor Master. 



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