The Naturia Deck

With the Naturia Deck you can go 1 of two ways with it. You can play with it as a Plant Deck or as an Insect Deck. I prefer an insect deck because a lot can come out of an Insect Naturia Deck. So I am going to delve into the insect realm of the Naturias.

I prefer to run with the spell cards Spider Web and Spider’s Lair with this deck. These are two cards that switch your opponent’s monsters into defense position and keeps them there for as long as they remain on the field if your opponent’s monster attacked an insect monster you control.

Another card I like to use is the trap card Counterforce with Naturia Butterfly and Naturia Stinkbug. Butterfly and Stinkbug negate an opponent’s monster’s attack, and when combined with Counterforce…well here is Counterforce’s effect: ‘When a monster’s attack is negated that targeted a face-up Attack Position monster, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the difference in ATK between the 2 monsters.’ Now since Butterfly and most low level Naturia monsters have low attack points ranging from 100 – 1200 that could be a lot of damage dealt.

Another card that negates attacks that can be combined with Counterforce is Insect Neglect. Insect Neglect is a continuous spell card that allows you to banish (remove from play) an insect type monster to negate an opponent’s monster’s attack.


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