The Archfiend Deck

The Archfiend Deck is one of the oldest structure decks in the game, and the deck has made a come-back. The old Set consisted of:

  • Terrorking Archfiend
  • Infernalqueen Archfiend
  • Darkbishop Archfiend
  • Shadowknight Archfiend
  • Desrook Archfiend
  • Vilepawn Archfiend
  • Skull Archfiend of Lightning
  • Mazera Deville
  • Warrior of Zera
  • Imprisoned Queen Archfiend
  • Archfiend Soldier
  • Archfiend General
  • Cyber Archfiend
  • Mist Archfiend
  • Pandemonium

The new set consists of:

  • Mad Archfiend
  • Archfiend Interceptor
  • Archfiend Empress
  • Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror
  • Trance Archfiend
  • Archfiend Heiress
  • Lancer Archfiend
  • Archfiend Cavalry
  • Archfiend Palabyrinth

The Old set had an elemental based attribute, and now it has been turned around to a Dark based attribute deck, and that LP (life points) are not used to utilized to keep them out on the field. Even dice effects have gone out the window. So you don’t have to use Skill Drain to stop LP damage from your own cards, that is an upside for the new set. All in all the Archfiends had a huge turn-around and the rewards are amazing, but I prefer the classical set and running with Skill Drain, making people mad!


Dark World OTK

The Dark World Deck is one of those boss decks and there are many but I am not going to delve into the boss decks at the moment, instead I am going to talk about the some OTK possibilities for the Dark World Deck.

  • OTK # 1 – Play the spell card Final Destiny. What it does is: Discard 5 cards to destroy all the cards on the field. The Cards to discard are 2 Silva, Warlord of Dark Worlds, a Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and 2 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark Worlds. Silva and Goldd have special summon effects when discarded by a card you control. So those 4 monsters are special summoned to the field when discarded by Final Destiny. Send one Goldd back into your hand to special summon Grapha from the graveyard. Already you have 3 monsters with 2300 attack points and Grapha with 2700 attack points, combined that is 9600.
  • OTK # 2 Play the spell card Card Destruction. You would be lucky if you could pull this off. Play Card Destruction: You and your opponent discard your entire hands and draw the same number of cards from your respective decks that you discarded. Use this to discard 2 Silva Warlord of Dark Worlds and special summon with their own effect, 2 Gren, Tactician of Dark Worlds to destroy a spell and or trap (1 each) and 1 Khakki, Guerilla of Dark World to destroy a monster your opponent controls. Draw 5 new cards. You get 2 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark Worlds a Silva, Warlord of Darkworld, a Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and a Magical Stone Excavation spell card. Play Magical Stone Excavation and to do so discard 2 cards and target 1 spell card in your graveyard, add that spell card into your hand. You added Card Destruction and discarded those 2 Goldd Wu-Lord of Dark Worlds and they got special summoned with their effect. Play Card Destruction again, discard Silva, Warlord of Dark World and Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, and his first effect is utilized of destroying 1 card your opponent controls. You draw 2 cards, and you get Dark World Lightning and say a Malevolent Nuzzler. Send a Silva back into your hand to Special Summon Grapha from the graveyard with its effect. Play Dark World Lightning: Select 1 face-down card on the field and destroy it, and after that select 1 card from your hand and discard it to the graveyard. You discard your only card Silva. Now you have a full field of Fiends. You have 4 monsters with 2300 attack points and and one with 2700 attack points combined that is 11,900. WTF!

Now let me add that number 2 is completely impossible, but very plausible.

Clearing the air for the Dark World Deck

This is undoubtedly one of the most controversial decks out there, and has sparked frustration among many who run with the Dark World Deck, basically because of its discard effects. For a while it’s own spell and trap support cards were eratad to not give the discarded monsters their effects. That has changed with cards like Dark Scheme and The Gates of Dark World . So now any discard effect that does not have a cost works with the Dark World Deck. Cards that work are: Card Destruction, Dark World Lightning, Magical Stone Excavation, Dark World Dealings, The Gates of Dark World, Final Destiny, Graceful Charity, Dark Scheme, and Dark Deal etc.

The Naturia Deck

With the Naturia Deck you can go 1 of two ways with it. You can play with it as a Plant Deck or as an Insect Deck. I prefer an insect deck because a lot can come out of an Insect Naturia Deck. So I am going to delve into the insect realm of the Naturias.

I prefer to run with the spell cards Spider Web and Spider’s Lair with this deck. These are two cards that switch your opponent’s monsters into defense position and keeps them there for as long as they remain on the field if your opponent’s monster attacked an insect monster you control.

Another card I like to use is the trap card Counterforce with Naturia Butterfly and Naturia Stinkbug. Butterfly and Stinkbug negate an opponent’s monster’s attack, and when combined with Counterforce…well here is Counterforce’s effect: ‘When a monster’s attack is negated that targeted a face-up Attack Position monster, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the difference in ATK between the 2 monsters.’ Now since Butterfly and most low level Naturia monsters have low attack points ranging from 100 – 1200 that could be a lot of damage dealt.

Another card that negates attacks that can be combined with Counterforce is Insect Neglect. Insect Neglect is a continuous spell card that allows you to banish (remove from play) an insect type monster to negate an opponent’s monster’s attack.

The Watt Deck

If you are going to be using a Watt deck, here are some suggestions:

  • Run with Messenger of Peace. It is a continuous spell card with the effect of: Monsters with an attack of 1500 or more cannot declare an attack. During each of your Standby Phases pay 100 life points or destroy this card. Using this card is not going to be a problem for the Watt deck because you have cards such as Wattcobra and Wattpheasant that can attack directly with 1000 attack points
  • Run with Level Limit – Area B and Gravity Bind. These 2 card prevent level 4 monsters and higher from attacking. Pheasant and Cobra are level 4 but Wattwoodpecker is a level 3. Play Woodpecker and Watt Key with Gravity Bind and/or Level Limit – Area B. Watt Key is a spell card that allows Watt monsters to bypass your opponent’s monsters and to attack directly. Woodpecker has an attack of 1000 but his effect allows him to attack twice.
  • Run with Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, he has an attack and defense of 4000 and his last effect says: While this card is in face-up defense position, your opponent cannot target other monsters for attacks. This protects your Watt monsters.

The Agent Deck

The Agent Deck is pretty bad-ass if you play it right so here is the run down on The Agent Deck:

  • Sanctuary in the sky (limit 3) – A must have, Agent cards rely on it.
  • Strategy # 1 – Play Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen and with its effect special summon The Agent of Judgement – Saturn, then With Sanctuary in the sky on the field, normal summon the Agent of Mystery – Earth to your side of the field and with its effect add Master Hyperion to your hand from your deck. Banish (remove from play) 1 The Agent Monster from your hand, field or graveyard to special it. Synchro Summon Light End Dragon with Saturn and Earth sending them to the graveyard. Remove Saturn or Earth (or both) from the graveyard to utilize Hyperion’s effect of destroying 1 (or 2) card(s) on the field. With this complete you have 2 high powered monsters on the field.
  • Strategy # 2 – With your life points higher than your opponents or if your life points are tied, play The Agent of Force – Mars while you have The sanctuary of sky out on the field. The effect of Mars states that his attack and defense are equal to difference between your high life points and your opponents low life points. If your LP is tied play Poison of the old man to boost your life points by 1200 and Dian Keto the Cure Master to boost your LP by 1000 and Enchanted Javelin boosts your LP by your opposing monster’s attack points when it attacks. So Mars has the attack of 2200 and then some.
  • Strategy # 3 – With 2 Saturns or Hyperions in your graveyard, set 2 Miraculous Descent cards face down in your Spell/Trap Card Zone, and Banish (remove from play) any of the 2 cards to special summon Soul of Purity and Light to your side of the field. On your next turn or during your opponent’s turn play the 2 Miraculous Descent cards and special summon those banished cards to your side of the field.
  • Strategy # 4 Discard the monster Zeradias, Herald of Heaven to add the Sanctuary in the sky from your deck to your hand, and play it. Normal summon The Agent of Mystery – Earth and add with its effect Master Hyperion from your deck to your hand. Banish (remove from play) Earth to special summon Master Hyperion and with Zeradias in the graveyard banish it too to with Hyperion’s effect destroy 1 card on the field.